Whistler Diaries ain’t dead

Whistlerdiaries.com is where it all began in many respects. That one website brought together a bunch of idiots and gave us a platform for some really stupid ideas. www.whistlerdiaries.com is still sitting there as a relic to the stupidity of youth and as a reminder that being young, naive and full of blood, spit, cum and venom. It hasn’t been updated since August 2008 but some of the crap still wouldn’t make sense if we waited another ten years to digest them. Other stuff is timeless. But perhaps that is because, for me, it is a time capsule of a really cool time in life when I was a total bike bum and had almost no care in the world besides whether I could afford to have one beer or lots of beer after riding Ride Don’t Slide.

This was our version of charitable work. We planned to provide every poor teenage kid who lives in Whistler with another set of ski’s and two dh bikes. Did you know that some kids use the same set of skis for both carving school and early season rock skis? It was too painful for us to hear that there is this level of poverty in Whistler and we wanted to rectify it with our H.O.E.S. charitable organization.

This wasn’t one of our pictures but was a reader cover contest Dirt did back in 2008 or so. It really summed up the hummer that the world was giving Sam Hill at the time. Will we ever see such funny and scathing commentary as this again?

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