Even Jesus didn’t get two covers

The Bike Mag BIBLE of Bike Tests issue hit the shelves over the last few weeks.

The BIBLE isn’t just an issue of reviews. It isn’t even just a yearly round up of some bikes and parts. It is certainly not a compilation of information taken from the catalogues of bike brands like EVERY other mountain bike magazine. Don’t be fooled, the others are just bike brand marketing copy rejigged and printed out.

The BIBLE is different because we actually rode and tested every bicycle product that is in the magazine (and more that didn’t make the cut). We rode most of the day, everyday for two weeks. We rode all sorts of terrain in all sorts of weather. Then at the end of the day we sat down and jammed on our impressions and opinions. Then we went our separate ways and tried to distill all our combined thinkings into a 150 word review (actually we wrote full length reviews too and they will be turning up on bikemag.com soon). The result was this special issue. So special school that some brainiac called it the BIBLE two years ago when the first came out and now we are stuck with the f-ing name.

This year we visited Brevard, North Carolina for the test sessions. I was curious as to why Brevard had been chosen. I mean, North Carolina? Really? What’s there? Well, turns out some of the best riding in North America. OK, I’ve said that before – lots of times – but I’m just trying to emphasize how blown away I was by the quality and variety of trails and the amazing riding community there. If you get a chance to go then don’t pass it up. If you don’t have the opportunity then make one, you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, that is that. Just a quick ‘hey look at me, how great am I?’ blog post. I hate the word blog. The person that coined that term needs his backside stuffed with bog roll and set alight.

Oh yeah, Dan Barham photo blah blah blah www.danbarhamphoto.com

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