A couple of photos taken from last night’s ride. I’ve been trying to stay off the bike for a while and just get a bit unfit but now I’m all rested and the summer is coming again I felt it was time to see if I could still pop a wheelie. I took in some epic singletrack that I’ve rediscovered around Cheddar as the sun was setting. There was even time to stop in Westbury and have a pint of cider with a friend. It was fun being back out on it (I’ve not not being riding that much, just only once or twice a week for a month now which for me is like stopping cold turkey) and the break has done me good because even though I had three punctures during the ride and a fourth and very final one half a mile from home I still remained breezy. Which is good that a bit of time off the bike has allowed me to just appreciate what I have.

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