Whilst uber procrastinating from work today I stumbled across this video from exactly a year ago. It’s good to remember where you were and it helps put the here and now in perspective. Available on VitalMtb or Dirt/Mpora too.

4 thoughts on “JAMROCK REVISITED

  1. Hi Seb!

    just wanted to comment your video because I’ve tried a Tallboy one year and half ago for two days and felt like this frame could handle much more only a “XC” ride. After testing it, I really wanted to know if they were some people using it for a more fun use and I found this video on the net! Then the other video on the mexican trail!

    Now I own a tallboy ;-)! short stem, wide bar and I’m loving it!

    The video and the edit is really cool, I’m also a big fan of skidding! ahahah

    By the way I’m a good friend and ex coworker of Clem, I’ve been riding with him two weeks ago when he got back from NZ and had told me about the riding trip you did together: makes me want to book my plane ticket right now!

    I’m very often travelling between Andorra and the Vosges (in France, that’s the region of La Bresse where the downhill world cup is held), there’s a lot of riding to do around here, if you come around feel free to mail me!

    Have good ride!


  2. Love you vids. This and your mex vid gave me the push to try big wheels. Glad I did. “Rubbish man!” good times!

  3. Your vids and comments on the Tallboy were the reason for me to try it out… I bought one last August (delivered in October!) and have been very happy with it since… I get out to ride 3 times a week and it always puts a grin on my face. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been getting up some tough technical climbs with it and rocking the downs, too!

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