Jamaica Fat Tire Festival

In an attempt to reconnect with a minor photographic thread that I once used to sew into my spare time, I have purchased a new camera that is capable of taking good photos. The question is can I? I know some people believe that technology is now affordable (bollocks) and that any joe blow can take a photo 75% good enough (utter bollocks) so this first roll of digi film from my trip to Jamaica Fat Tire Festival should dispel this myth. This was my first ever photo taken with this camera and it happened to be a misfire. Great start. In the shot is a copy of the Bible which I found in Camden Town. So stoked to read the whole thing. In my objective opinion it is the best product/swearing issue ever. There has been a few comments about my bio which including a naughty word - shovel.

Waggon wheel cafe but just the Butcher this time around. I was lucky enough to get a week away from Eurocoldville to sample the riding and culture of Jamaica. It was the best week of riding and lifeing and I recommend everyone goes next year. The only rules are: No lycra; you have to enjoy a post ride drink; and you have to like fun.

I know some people have been wondering why I wear the rasta riding socks, well it's in memory of fallen trail building soldier Ken Klowak. Whilst in Jamaica I was lucky enough to say goodbye in the most fitting way possible. Full story of the Ken Klowak sock memorial on NSMB in a few weeks perhaps.

Most rides ended up at the beach or a waterfall or a swim hole with jerk chicken and Redstripes at the ready. Best week ever? Jamaica Fat Tire Fest is the strongest candidate so far.

One morning we got out of bed at some time only briefly after going to bed. Dawn mission in Robins Bay by UB40 beach. It was more than worth it. Ian Hylands killed the shots, I just killed wildlife with my jerkchicken/Appletons/Redstripe farts

The hardest thing about riding was finding my bike and asking it back from the local kids. They love bikes there and they especially liked mine. Seeing kids that exuberant about bicycles reminded me of the real truth of why I ride.

I hate mountain views. You might be surprised at how big and dense the mountains are in Jamaica. Everyone goes on about the sandy beaches, scuba diving and black mamba snorkeling, but the mountains blow all of that away once you take the time to venture deep into them. This photo was taken at around 5800 feet and there's lots more mountain above that point as well. Highest point is 7450 feet. Bonus info: They are also the best smelling mountains ever. With coffee, banana, juniper tree, ponderosa, mango, and long grass growing up in the humid misty climate the smell is incredible.

Beans that make the world go round. This is going to be the last photo today as my internet is clogged and failed to upload the last five photos I tried. I'll save the rest for another time.

One thought on “Jamaica Fat Tire Festival

  1. Hey Seb, that sucks …….write more. You are right about one thing and that this was the best festival. Riding the Blue Mtn Trails was off the charts. Keep writing those great stories and it was a pleasure to meet you. Next time I hope I won’t have to work during the festival. Stay Cool.


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