Digital leads the way?

Like all good bloggy things, 2FLAT has been quiet. Not from lack of trying, or lack of things to say or blog about, but rather because of being overloaded with things to bloggerize. I have just packed my bags yet again and at any moment I hope to be jumping the Transit and leaving rural Portugal after three months of moody weather and big sunsets. After a night in Lisbon I will be hitting the greatest city in the world perhaps – London – for two nights. This will be the second time this week I have spent time in London and Lisbon, and after a long hiatus from city living I have really enjoyed it. Culture, commerce and cosmopolitan cityscapes. After London it’s back to the airport for a direct flight to warm sun, rum, and rides at the Jamaican Fat Tire Festival. After that it’s back to the UK for Peatys SteelCity race and Alex Rankins 80 minute spectacular. Can’t wait.

Like I said, a lot of things happening, so don’t be waiting on anything much here. Instead go look for the results of these trips and many in the recent past that are being leaked out. Check out the two Part Dan Atherton Interview and Clay Porter 3MG piece that appeared on VitalMTB. Here’s some crappy i-Phone pics.

Magazines are dead?

Where cork comes from.

Rock scotch egg?

Crouched over a speeding fist in Gatwick upon arrival?

Missing the headlines?

Classic or con?

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