The shuttle van

Last weekend we ignored the weather reports and drove to Lousa – Portugal’s DH capital. It was shitty weather and I almost pulled the pin in the morning as the rain came down. However, I am glad I didn’t as the riding was so rad. The trails would be good in the dry, but in the rain they were really good. Slideways action the whole way. It felt good to have a full face and knee pads on. It has taken four days to clean and dry all of our gear though.

We got this muddy on the first run before it started really raining and we dropped into the snowy trails up top

The bikes were jumping around on the shuttle up, but amazingly not one scratch to show for it. I usualy hate shuttling because of the damage it does to bikes, trails and bodies. This time the only damage was four days letting the shoes dry out.

This picture gives you no idea of the screams and groans coming from the van as the driver swerved his way to the top each lap.

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