Delay the retard. But why do they advertise as 'family size'?

Portugal is a source of fun and games if you look really hard. Shopping is a source of giggles. Take prophylactics for example, giggles ville I think you will agree. Portugal is a funny place for sex. For one I’m amazed it happens here as everyone looks about 15 years past menopause. Secondly, I think the only sex that happens only happens in cars. Everywhere we drive or ride we see couples in cars with guilty looks on their faces or pulling up their trousers. I just hope they are being safe…and doing up their seat-belts.

Find your Fleshlight at night

Denim look cock anyone? These are some skinny jeans.

Love her (or him) long time

Anyone remember all the lyrics to Vanilla Ice's hit single of the same name?

One thought on “FUN WITH RUBBER

  1. I bet your thinking of “Informer” by Snow. who is easily mistaken for vanilla ice, i can see..
    vanilla ice = washed up early 90’s white rapper from florida
    snow = washed up early 90’s white rapper from canada.

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