Tools. Vancouver, BC, 2007


Last year, whilst working with Bike Magazine on The Bible, I got to meet a whole heap of really interesting, inspiring, and fun people. Amongst the super talent that came through BearBackBikings door that month, one guy really stood out and that guy was Anthony Smith.

Anthony Smith is a ripper on a bike and was part of the bike test team. As well as these things he stood out because he is a straight up dude. An incredibly well natured, respectful, hardworking, mannered and fun person.

But when I started to hear he was also a photographer I looked into his work and man-o-man, I love his philosophies and outlook on photography. He isn’t just a mountain biker that takes photos, he is a person who takes photos of his surroundings, where ever and whatever that maybe. 

Tim Vangilder (Troupe Racing Co.), Kananaskis, Alberta, 2009


He has a long list of people he contributes to outside of the bubble of mountain biking and that means he has a unique eye for seeing more than the obvious.

I begged Anthony to send some photos so I could share with you. I hope to work with or alongside Anthony more in the future as he sees that mountain biking isn’t just about racing, riding, or technical spreadsheets. It’s about raw emotion, the life we lead that allows us to bicycle ride for fun, and he sees the beautiful moments.

Check out the4color here.

Kyoto, Japan, 2009


Ryan Davis, San Clemente, California, 2007


Specialized/Dizzy Cycles team, Cypress Hill Climb, Vancouver, BC, 2009


Navy Seals Mountain Bike Team, Temecula, California, 2007

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