News Of The Tweet

It seems as though I’m going to have to do some search engine optimization with my weekly News Of The Tweet feature. When I typed ‘news of the tweet’ into Google my feature came up seven places down. Strangely it came behind a story about a football player who had a cold but is getting better.

Anyway, by now we are into the fifth week of #NOTT for Bike Magazine’s website and despite wondering whether this was a horrendous idea to basically regurgitate the already vacuous gas that is Twitter it is going rather well. It seems people like pithy one liners about pithy one liners more than I thought. For this weeks #NOTT I asked ‘What is Twitter?’ and went right up to the first knuckle in answering that question. Not far but it you could still very much get a feeling from it.

If you would like to follow my nonsense on Twitter or allow me to follow your nonsense then please respond with 140 characters of begging, pleading greatness to!/sebastiankemp

Till next monday, keep tweeting.

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