Not so busy two weeks

It has been busy and not so busy recently. In between riding the heck out of the amazing two week stretch of unbroken blue bird days and heroic riding conditions, I have managed to scribble a few bits and bobs for a bunch of web based media. First up was the coaching critique I wrote for this here blog got taken by Well received and lots of feedback. Bad coaching videos have no place. Watch this space.

Then a behind the scenes scope of the Renthal factory was published on . I worked with super rad shooter, lover of machinery and man’s stuff, and sideburn extraordinaire, Grant Robinson.

Then a week later a similar behind the scenes audio/slideshow of the Orange factory appeared on Again, Grant Robinson was the shooter whilst I held a little dictaphone in the direction of the noises and words of wisdom. I love this one because it is so rugged and raw. You have Ashley Ball’s thick Yorkshire accent and the machinery just hammering common sense home. Proper manufacturing. Go check it out.

I was interviewed by the legend that is Ryan Leech about yoga on NSMB.COM. Ryan has become a fully qualified yoga instructor on top of being the most amazing advocate for biking in Canada and being probably the nicest dudes on the planet. I used the interview as a chance to try and get Ryan to swear but it didn’t work. I attended his yoga class last weekend and his knowledge and experience of biking really helped because he worked a little on stretching out the tight hips and thighs that bikers generally get. I’ll be going each week now. Check out the info for classes HERE.

Then yesterday my new weekly column for went live. What better way to make sense and use of Twitter than to just fire it back at itself? The UK 29er meltdown was a perfect week to start and the column seems to be popular so far. Let’s see how well it goes when there is nothing but LOLs and “Havin chips 4 tea tonight #loveit” tweets. Check it out HERE. By the way, I have to give credit to Squirrel’s (known as Ryan Labar to his mother) amazing quick illustration.

Find me hovering @sebastiankemp

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