Seb Kemp has a two foot penis: The book

I have written some weird shit before, but nothing as far out as Chris Dolley in his Magical Crimes book. Here is the synopsis:

Magical Crimes is a fun CSI with magic and ‘a little something else’ novelette. The little something else being two foot long and lurking in the hero’s trousers. But don’t worry, the penis in this story is used purely for the purpose God intended – humour and crimefighting – not lustful titillation.Seb Kemp is a psychic profiler with a problem. After a night out drinking some men wake up with an unexpected tattoo. Seb woke up with a floor-length penis and no memory of how, when or where it happened. To make matters worse, magic doesn’t work well with living tissue. The results are unpredictable. The spell might fade after a few days or … something might drop off.

He needs help but, Pete, his forensic magician partner, is 3,000 miles away working on another case and Seb’s new partner is of the young and female persuasion. Not to mention extremely hot. The two of them are thrown together to solve a high profile locked room mystery where the utmost tact and diplomacy is required – not easy for a man with unpredictable trousers.

Praise for Magical Crimes:

“I want my detectives like my murderers – well hung,” Dorothy L Christie

“CSI with a big dick – and I don’t mean David Caruso,” The Miami Enquirer

If you are interested in reading more about Seb Kemp and his magically massive penis then go to Book View Cafe and buy a copy or click on the link here to read the preview. Apparently it is a 13,800 word novelette of around 65 pages written by Chris Dolley who is an English writer of science-fiction, fantasy and mystery novels. For more of his bio (well worth a read as he seems like an interesting fellow indeed) click HERE.

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