Big Content Day

Some days work that you have worked on months prior just magically pops up when the editors decide the time is right. It can sometimes be frustrating to be waiting and waiting for stuff to go up when you work hard to get it to them on time only for it to be stalled up in the monster machine that is the internet. It is even more frustrating when by the end of the day a handful of user videos, PRs and other disposable content pushes your lovingly crafted piece off the bottom of the page. Here are three different pieces of work that appeared on the internet all on the same day on three different sites. Click the links to see.

Bike Mag coverage of the BC Bike Ride with amazing photos by Nicolas Tiechrob.

Write up of the Sram XO camp that took place in Whistler that appeared on

VitalMTB photo/video/audio slideshow of my visit to the Diamond Back HQ to meet and discuss the DF5 team (Kelly McGarry, Kyle Thomas, Billy Lewis, Eric Porter).

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