I am in danger of turning this blog into an internet version of a bar room full of second hand smoke, which is to say that I am just regurgitating videos I have found on the net. However, this one is so personally important to me, and this is my blog after all, so it must go up.

Standard Domination came out in 1998, I mail ordered it as soon as it was released and played it over and over again till it squealed. This video was so rad because the music was all older rock metal, the riders were all so varied yet each was the leader in their chosen style back then, and the filming and editing seemed so cutting edge and crisp back then. Each section is burnt into my memory but my favourites would be Isaac ‘Groundchuck’ McCrea, Robbie Morales, and Sandy Carson. Watch the whole video, section by section HERE

The downsides to this film were that after watching Robbie Morales section too much the only tricks I would do on street was manuals, 180s and fast plants, and for many years the only frames I would ride were Standard Trailboss (chocolate brown and stolen from me) and TRL250, which were the most expensive at the time. I sold my last navy blue TRL250 to my friend and he still has it and just recently offered to sell it back to me, which I am considering.

I am truly stoked to have this video back in my life and I think I will be watching it endlessly for the next few days. I urge you to go watch it to and revel in a time where videos were something treasured and kept, trousers were baggy, and video game tricks weren’t even considered. Also if you are still reading this then go watch something else entirely unrelated and giggle.


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