So a slight change to the scheduled programming. I promise I’ll get back to boarder line bigoted, badly typed, jibberjabber posts soon, but for now I just wanted to have a little me time. It’s the only seventh day of January and already this year has been an absolute banger of a year. Cover shots, happy clients, new clients, and several posts on the net that were received with open arms and not back handed sissy slaps. 

In Dirt Magazine’s issue 107 I did an eight pager with Grant Robinson on Norco Bikes. I noticed via Twitter the other day that they got hold of a copy. Below are some ‘ickle pictures so you get a feel of the article and are teased into going out and finding a copy of Dirt. But if you live somewhere where it maybe hard to get hold of one then here’s a cheeky little secret, Norco have a downloadable PDF of the article HERE. I stoked on this piece. I admit I’m bound to be a little biased though, I wrote the fucker. In the piece it reveals there really is more to Norco than you would expect. They have a HUGE depth of history and some incredible human interest stories.

Then this week I have been dropping the beginnings of a regular stream of internet readings. I love my print, but I have more ideas than can fit in just magazines, some don’t work for magazine format (excited about a couple of these), and I feel it’s time to maybe help raise the level of things on MTB websites. This week I had a piece up on NSMB.COM. Go check it out and become a regular as they know how to mix things up by not dropping twenty posts each day and having original content. Despite the DUMBFUCK episode years ago, this piece was well received.

Then I dropped a piece on VITALMTB about the old smelly 510 shoes which was also well received. You have to go and check this piece out for Spomer’s old photos of the aussie invasion. Rennie, Kovarik, Hill, Atkinson all tearing the living hell out of trails. Those photos are amazing because they still seem as mind meltingly gnarly now, and they take you back to the real primitive years where the aussies just turned up and crashed the party. So rad. Like I say, go check out the old photos.

There was something else rad that happened this week…what was it? Oh yes, that’s right, I got the cover of Bike Mag’s Bible Issue (90 days of looking at my “rapey face” as one friend put it) and I got asked to write the back cover blurb and synopsis for a very big new movie that is coming soon and today I heard I should be going back to Jamaica for the Fat Tire Festival in February and on tuesday of this week 2FLAT had its highest number of hits ever…by a long way too. Thanks for reading this self-indulgent narcissistic crap. If you made it this far then…

2 thoughts on “2011 HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET

  1. Well keep them wheels rolling and the ink flowing bro, deffinately a top start to the year! We’re all watching, reading and talking….. when we should just shut the fahjibies up and GO RIDING!

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