I almost dropped the whole subject. In fact, it was today, whilst up to my ankles in mud that was running down the hill, with boots that were acting only as exercise weights, water-proof gear that is leaking worse than a disaffected US army intelligence officer, and shards of silicon stinging my finger tips so bad I could barely hold my polaski, that I decided that I didn’t need to make more of an enemy of that website. I have held back from replying personally to that website for almost a month now. I had laid some tracks and I have being seeing where the train rolled to from there. It kept rolling and more coal was put in the furnace, but now it is a vital junction and I have to decide whether to flick the rails or not. The train will keep rolling without my help, but do I coax it down a siding or not?

Well, I have decided to let it run of it’s own accord now. It’s not necessarily my train and it’s up to the passengers to decide which station to pull into. Then today I get home and see a link to this and my mind is racing again. Should a union or cooperative be established? Should union action be enacted? Should I keep harassing that website? Will I become a martyr? Will the shooters speak up or keep their names hidden? Do I have time for this?

If you are wondering where my mind is wandering to this evening then this may go some way to explaining.

And then check this website out for clarification.

One thought on “WHILST ON THE SUBJECT…

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