FREEHUB Magazine continues to get better and better. Based out of Bellingham, WA, they cover the real heros and underground workings of the mountian bike industry without pampering to the same people and companies you see in every other magazine. They go on-line with all the articles, then produce the on-line magazine, then print it. The seventh issue is out on-line right now. Go peep it for some of the kind of content that is rarely covered in other magazines and support a local production with global ideas. Look out for a piece yours truly knocked up about Chromag and a double page Kelly McGarry advert.

HERE for the on-line magazine. HERE for the website.

One thought on “FREEHUB MAGAZINE

  1. Do you have any idea who distributes this magazine? Can i pick up a copy in a store in Montana, or is it only in Washington?

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