BEND, O(ve)R

Last weekend Anthony Smith and myself had the pleasure of using Bend, OR to break up our mammoth journey from Bellingham, WA to San Clemente, CA. Here are a few I-Phone photos of the weekend there that was far too short.

After one month of sleeping In the DUDE CAVE on air matresses, the sight of a having my very own giant squishy bed was beautiful

After not long enough in said lovely bed we went out for a super fun ride with a big crew of locals including Anka and Sven Martin


After a heavy morning of big ring riding there is nothing like a trail that finishes at a burrito bar that serves tall boy PBRs.

In the afternoon we went back to the Slalom track to jump the XC bikes. Ever seen a carbon XC bike get rad? This place is so well built that I had no problem shralping the Rocky Mountain Element that I was testing.

Sven Martins mini bike he found in France. All made in France, and a lot of custom parts.

Svens art as art.

Whislt at Svens I was able to finger a fresh copy of Dirt Mag issue 105 that I have tonnes of content in. Kelly McGarry interview, Whistler Diaries column, Seasonaires feature, and the Las Vegas piece that Sven and I collaborated on. Go buy it.

One thought on “BEND, O(ve)R

  1. Hi Seb

    You practically wrote the recent issue of Dirt – nice one.

    You’ve mentioned that you’re keen to visit Scotland at some point. I’ve recently moved to the Highlands (just outside Fort William) and would be happy to help if you were to visit here. I’m fairly new to the area and that, combined with a young family, means I’m probably not the best person to speak to regarding the best routes to ride, but if you need any help with logistics etc then I’ll do my best to help.

    Keep doing good stuff 🙂


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