I want to stay here next time.

Well Vegas took a week out my life on this here blog as I was providing for another web based magazine…NSMB.COM. If you go to that site you will see a lot of posts on the various facets of bikes at Interbike in Vegas.

I will save my rantings and ramblings about Vegas and Interbike (check out forth coming article in Dirt Magazine shot by Sven Martin and written by me), but here’s some photos…

The geriatic keys people at Dirt Demo wouldn't let me in with my badge they they hadn't printed for me yet. So I borrowed one.

Anyone got the email address for HBCUTTHECOUSE? This is a dual Tony Ellsworth and Lopes post.

Not really.

Our parking spot for the week was 6c...6c get it?

Vegas is such an adult town. Anyone who brings their kids is a bad parent. Even adverts for restaurants like this in the lobby are filthy smut riddled perversities.

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