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After last year, Race Dictator Drill Sergeant Tony Horn must of sat down and wondered why there weren’t more dead bodies lying around on the side of the course. In an attempt to remedy this he squeezed a whole extra stage into the four days which makes it a five stage race in four days. You beauty.

The idea of the day was to have a good old (No) Flow Zone Emerald mash up with observed trials style section in the morning then quick lunch and off to shralp a Super-D on PHD.

Now, for anyone not familiar with the trails in Emerald then you really might have a hard time understanding what is so hard about a stage that is only 8km long, takes about 45 minutes and the trail elevation only fluctuates between 100 metres. The Emerald trails are truly some of the most challenging trails I’ve ever ridden anywhere, ever. People refer to Emerald trails as the No Flow Zone but really they should be referred to as the Zen Flow Zone because to make the trails flow there you need a combination of insane skill, bike handling, ferocious strength, a surgeons finesse, and buddhist calm.

If you haven’t ridden the Emerald trails and think you are hot shit then go test yourself there…

To add spice to the race, there was four observed sections. These were four climbs or descents or power moves that if you cleaned then you had between three to five minutes for each one taken off your overall time, if you failed a section then you had time added to your overall and if you failed to attempt a section then you had even more time added.

Anyway, race went well for me. I only set out to clean all the observed sections. I slipped at the top of one and decided to sacrifice my time and race and head back down to clean it again. This lost me three places and gave me no extra time bonuses. It was a pride thing. The Tallboy climbed like a mountain goat with superglue hoofs and an EPO drip. It was riding in Emerald last fall that I really fell in love with the Tallboy. I had already smashed it on all the other Whistler trails but it’s final test was Emerald. 29ers are suppose to be unweildy and not very maneuverable and best suited to for buff West Coast trails. Well i’m sorry mtb media, marketing hoons, and internet forum users, because the real benefit of bigger wheels comes when you need to roll over a non-stop barrage of rock teeth and roots, which is what the Emerald trails are. But anyway, theres me going off point again…

In the end came across the line in 9th which was a pleasant surprise and set me in a good mood for the afternoon.

PHD is a shuttle trail in no mans land. It’s half way between Whistler and Pemberton so it doesn’t attract that many xc style riders and the only few that no ride it often are dirty shit eating shuttle riders. Of course this means the trail is pretty beat from hacks on their 48lb freeride rigs carving the trail down to its raw bones. I had never ridden the trail before precisely because A) I think shuttling should only be done when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY B) because it’s in the middle of nowhere so the pedal to it is a little to far for the reward.

Anyway, as per my lack of preparation for the 4Queens this year I was riding yet another course blind. This made several good friends raise their eye brows in concern so we decided to head up early and just walk a little section so I could get a feel for the trail. The bits we looked at seemed pretty straight forward but I was told that the real gnar was further up and down the trail, so I opted to take their warnings and go steady. once race time came around I found myself in the first five riders to head off because of our respective overall standings. This meant I was thrown in with the leg tearing mutants and I knew the first climb was going to see me get dropped off the back because my legs are still somewhere in winter. This also meant that I was going to be following in the dust cloud of four dudes once we got to the singletrack, so I opted to really take it easy, climb my own climb then cruise into the dh gnar and be conservative enough not to get thrown over the falls in the trail.

I stuck to my game plan and I waited and waited nervously for the steep technical gnar to rear it’s head but it never came. Before I knew it I was at the half way point and hitting the second climb. Childs play, I was kicking myself for listening to others and getting fooled into taking it conservative. I charged up my gnar-o-meter and got ready to make up some serious time on the way down the second half but just as the turbines were charging up the worst happened and I got a flat tire. I had to make a split second decision, stop and fix it which may cost three or four minutes or keep riding the whole way down which maybe sketchy and loose time too. I choose to keep riding. My rationale was this: if I already have a puncture then I can’t get another and If I destroy my rear wheel then at least I have a legitimate excuse not to race the final day which is going to be a killer.

In the end I cross the line and my wheel was in one piece and straight as an arrow (who said 29″ wheels are weak?). I was bummed not to have a puncture free day and it cost me a good few positions but surprisingly not as many as I feared, seems like alot of people took PHD too conservatively. It dropped me to 6th overall and Arthur has leapfrogged me to 5th. Which means thats Tallboys in 5th and 6th spot still!!!! 29ers killing it in the technical gnar chunder fest of Whistler? Who would of thought? Haha up yours naysayers!

Chad Miles killed it in the morning and got first in Emerald but in the afternoon The Dingo mark 2, Dylan Wolsky absolutely blitz PHD to take first. Seems like his pre-riding of the course and searching for cheeky lines paid off. Kiwi Chris Johnston is still in first but the gap between him and Wolsky has been reduced radically and now it really is all down to the last day.

Oh fuck the last day! The super uber epic gnar and pedal fest shit show in the heat of the Pemby mountain desert. I better be off to get some more water to ready my body for tomorrows pain fest.

Ps. If you wondering what the above photo is about then today I decided to lighten the mood by borrowing the full lycra Powered By Pork race kit off Ms.Johnston. Strangely no-one got the joke. Stranger still, I found it to be performance enhancing. Don’t worry, I’m not turning to the darkside. Baggys again tomorrow.


  1. I like your ass in this photo Seb, but I am asking myself why you listened to other peoples advice on going fast down a hill?

  2. Glad someone finally tells it like it is regarding 29ers.
    All the other reviewers (LeeL) are too chicken shit to call it like it is.

    I demo’d the Tallboy for a full day in Squamish a while back and absolutely fell in love with it. I just don’t understand all the BS hype about how 29ers aren’t suited for tech/tight/no flow trails!

    This bike absolutely slays everything. If it weren’t for the fact that i purchased a carbon Blur LT last year, i’d be all over the Tallboy.

    I was talking to the other fellow riding the orange Tallboy @ the Alpine Cafe prior to the start of PHD and we both agreed on the merits of the Tallboy.

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