It’s a slowly budding seed of necessity. You’ll know when it blooms…

Yeah thats the dark brooding mysterious answer, the public answer. My personal answer to you is that it is a vision a few friends have for trying to shed light on the more esoteric sensations of mountain biking and the reasons for doing it that go beyond the cliches. I suppose you could say the lifestyle beyond the catalogues and brochures.

It’s starting slowly and with a low level resonance but maybe one day it will be the most beautiful bi-annual publication in mountain biking, who knows. Maybe it will just be a limited run of catchy t-shirt prints.

It’s starting with philosophical ordinance as its weapon of mass deconstruction. It’s something I struggle to define as a “commercial” model, but I wish someone could do that. The rest will follow. 

I suppose myself and others look sideways at how mountain biking is presented and we wish to put our own propagated mandate spin on it. Instead of selling bikes the way they are sold by a large proportion of the mountain bike media currently, we want to sell people a life. People before product. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

Currently large portions (not all, but most) media put the cart before the horse.  Sell the bike and what do you have? An inanimate object that may of financially crippled someone and that they have no connection with beyond figures and hard cold steel (or aluminum or carbon or whatever). However, sell the life and you give someone the legitimacy to explore and experience for a lifetime.

Personally it has begun with this years writing and will continue so. keep an eye out.

You want in? I promise there’s no ritual to initiation. 

Wow, hippy lefty utopianism for a sunday morning. Better get off this machine and go for a ride.

Have fun.


  1. The best thing about this post is that it’s followed by an ad for Competitive Cyclist. Gold!

    Sounds good. Interested. Intrigued. Alert, but not alarmed.

  2. “we want to sell people a life. People before product. They aren’t mutually exclusive.”

    This is how it used to be.
    More adventure, less press releases.

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