The Smell Of The Yukon: Dan Barham Photo Clinic

A month ago I was lucky enough to earn a scholarship to attend the Dan Barham School Of Being A Better Photo-dude. What follows is a few shots that I came back with that weren’t actually that bad. I’m a terrible photographer – well, I’m certainly a reluctant photographer – so before going on this three-day course my camera skills were limited to whatever luck (and filter effects) my iPhone could capture, but I really did learn a few things from Dan and I’m quite impressed with these few photos. I know that I don’t have a career as a photographer ahead of me (nor do I want one) but it’s nice to know that I don’t have to be intimidated by my camera now.

I stayed with Boreale Biking and after long days of shooting (the sun barely goes below the horizon in mid-summer, making it ideal for fitting in a lot of shooting in fantastic light) it was nice to go back to their fabulous new lodge and be fed like kings. For anyone interested in this learning opportunity then there will be another class held between 4-7th September, and I throughly recommend it for anyone with even a vague desire to take photos or someone who wants to experience a lot of Yukon mountain biking in a short amount of time.






20111227-untitled shootIMG_2126



20111227-untitled shootIMG_2211


20111227-untitled shootIMG_2250

20111227-untitled shootIMG_2188

20111227-untitled shootIMG_1841-2

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