Day one. It may of well being night as we started way before dawn for the drive north.

Mount Cook at 100km/h into the day.

Cragieburn is in snow up high. Here Clem and Allen carve tracks. Cragieburn is an incredible ride and makes for a high tide mark at the start of any roadtrip. Thanks to Dave Johnston for the special sighting seeing tour that showed us a few of the hidden treats off the beaten path.

Fomerly the Blackball Hilton. Character and history. 101 years old and still going strong. Base of operations for any West Coast singletrack mission.

We proved that the Moonlight to Croesus connection could be done…but most certainly shouldn’t. Not yet anyway. Fucking poles just kept stretching into the distance, and the darkness.

Sunrise at Ces Clarke hut. The sunset was even better. More photos to come…

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