I once had a girlfriend who loved white wine. Actually she was my fiancee for a while. Now I know that many girls love a glass or three of white wine, but this one girl had an insane love affair with the grape. Unfortunately she had zero tolerance for it. It wasn’t just that she wasn’t able to hold it down, but that just a small amount would transform her into an illogical ranting, raving, fighting, scratching, biting, hurricane of insanity.

There’s getting drunk and then there’s getting totally loose and wild, but she would literally become an entirely different creature. Where there was once a petit brunette chick, a snarling, red eyed devil would take it’s place. It was actually quite scary watching someone change like that. It was like a switch was flicked and then she would become possessed.

To try get the message through to her that she should never drink white wine again I once went out on the town with her and we drank a couple bottle of white wine between us. All was fun until I got my dick out in a pool bar and started trying to “pot the pink balls”. She wasn’t amused. I told her it was the white wine but she couldn’t be persuaded off drinking her beloved white wine. 

Even to this day I am nervous around white wine drinkers. If I see someone drinking white wine then I back away slowly and find other people to drink with.

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