I love Grieg Howell. Once my flatmate in Whistler and forever one of the nicest dudes I will ever meet has really started to look into mountain bike photography of late.

We took advantage of some shit weather and went outside to shoot some shots. No fixed agenda or plan, just a location I’ve had in my ‘little book of spots’ for a couple of years. Close to Queenstown and surprisingly I’ve never seen a shot come out of this place. The poor light and rain made things hard but we had some laughs and I hope you like the shots that ¬†we did manage to fingerblast. These are some of the B-list shots. If you like what you see then contact me (via the comments section) or Greig direct ( or

31″ may not apply. The new AM Chromag Fubars at 710mm were tight enough down this mossy fissure.

The 1971 movie ‘On Any Sunday’ was the inspiration behind the foot hanger/slider on this shot.

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