So part of my trip to Cali was to interview Carter Holland. Spent some time shooting shit with Carter, playing with Zeus (his dog), and riding his new bikes (the Killswitch and Contraband). I am pretty pumped on the results of the interview. Its not like 99% of interviews thats for sure. Keep an eye out for it.

Carter railing the Killswitch whilst Jason Peters gets shots.

The Contraband 24″ specific frame. This is Emily Johnstons personal bike. She petite but still wants to rip  jumps so the Contraband is perfect for her.

Carters two Killswitches. One built as trail bike the other as a jump bike. I tired buying one off Carter as I think it might be the ideal ONE BIKE for everything for the travelling gypsy like myself. Rather than luging two bikes about just have one bike and two sets of tires and two seatposts.

Another of Carters own bikes. Rusty Mob frame, fully rigid, and fast as hell. Rat race rod.

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