Dunno how but me and scotty picked up rainbow cock disease. Well at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold, hey ladies?

Which way do you like it? I can’t believe we were allowed to mark the chicken lines and black diamond lines like this. [snigger]

A couple of young lads arrived in the new crew. Just like all ‘yoof today’ they went straight to work hammering the fucking playstation. This photo was taken on their day off, it was a beautiful warm sunny day but they preferred to sit indoors playing stupid video games, all fucking day long. Idiots! So I decided to scare them outside. I stood on the couch naked for a good 30 seconds before they came around from their virtual reality and noticed a fully grown man gurning at them with his family jewels and coin purse waving in their face. Sexual harassment at work or act of necessity?

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