Insert wheelieing idiot somewhere in the left lower third, grinning because he's off to cash a big fat cheque.

Roost Of The Year

So it’s that time of the year when Pinkbike holds it’s POTY (Photo Of The Year) competition. 32 of the top photos (I’m assuming that means most viewed) from 2014 go into the octagon and battle it out in a round robin style death match that will see just one image crowned the very, absolute,…

Photo by Gary Perkin of myself and Jon Cancellier not op of La Parva right before the first stage of the Andes Pacifico.

Andes Pacifico

I recently returned from the Andes Pacifico race in Chile. I don’t know where to start to describe such an incredible experience, all I know for certain is that my ribs are sore from laughing so much, my pride is bruised from crashing more in one week than I have in the last 20 years…

MTB in Zermatt

The Manifesto For Living

*EDIT: Thanks to Neil Barstow for finding the link to this piece ‘How to live like a king for very little‘ by Thor Harris. Link in article below now. I didn’t write this. I came across this a while ago and it made me laugh, cringe and think. —


The Crankworx Survival Guide

Crankworx is coming. It might only be February but plans are already afoot for Whistler’s biggest festival. This year I’ve taken over the running of Deep Summer and Dirt Diaries, as well as devising the most efficient way of destroying the spirits’ of riders at the Enduro World Series race that takes place during Crankworx.…