Hope Mill, like many such industrial buildings of its era, is located right in the centre of Barnoldswick, surrounded by row after row of back-to-back terrace houses, uniform dwellings that accommodate some of the town’s 8,000 residents. The streets are narrow, the roofs all matching slate, there are as many bicycles zipping about…

No Donuts: Satin Satire

“Don’t Vlog. Don’t do it, you don’t need to. You don’t need to film Dakota Roche’s angry menu face.”

Front Lines MTB Podcast

Following on the theme of amazing content, Brent Hillier’s podcast, Front Lines MTB podcast has been on my mind (and ear phones) a lot lately. I love the opening lines of each podcast, “The podcast for the people who truly make mountain biking happen. Not the riders, racers or product designers but the builder’s advocates…

ESKAPEE – Negative Escapism

  Eskapee.com might be one of the best things to happen to the universe of digital bicycling content in a while (‘a while’ referring to at about a year or so because things happen so fast on the internet). It’s an incredible outlet who’s purpose “is to tell the real mountain bike story. Stories we hope…


This place isn’t an artisanal cidery with faux rustic charm, this is a working farm and there is absolutely zero airs and graces gone into it. It’s rugged, raw and bloody delicious. the photos I shot aren’t of the most bucolic parts of the barn, in fact, it’s impossible to really show how perfectly unrefined this place is.