I’m in Bellingham, WA for the next month. Riding many new bikes then writing about them. For many hours of the day I shall be outdoors enjoying the rain, then the remaining hours of the day I shall be doing the above.

I don’t know quite what to make of Bellingham yet. We have been here three days and only ventured in town once to buy a Burrito, where we were accosted by meth head metal hobos. The riding is varied (that means I liked some of it and hope the rest of it is going to be as good). It is typical Pacific Northwest goodness (that means wet and rooty). Wade Simmons and Dre Hestler arrive today for a wee ride, I’m hoping we get a good bit of riding in before the weather turns sour and then I convince Dre to come hang out in college dive bars all afternoon.

More ridiculous pictures…

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