Been in Portugal a week and I can say this about the place: It’s colder than expected. It’s as beautiful and old as expected. Everyone is old, like really old. Youngish people don’t exist (i’m talking less than 40). Everyone seems to be pretty unfriendly and cold. No smiling to strangers on the street.

That’s about all I can say so far but here’s some photos taken on the old crappy camera.

Our living arrangements. About a million years old, warmer than any Kiwi house in the winter. Pigs and sheep in the extension, boys in the roundhouse.

A little church. Beautiful on the inside and out, but still full of crap.

Everyone drives toy cars because the streets are this narrow. The town of Portalegre is full of awesome street spots and makes me wish I had a BMX again.

Universal symbol of fun

We were meant to be going the coast for some wicked DH action but the van crapped itself before we left. To make up for the disappointment I went to a tapestry museum.


I love graffiti when it is random messages which evoke some giggles.

My Portuguese is awful. Way worse than this message.

At first glance I thought this was a building, but in actual fact it is a giant birthday cake. Good work Portugal.

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